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Blog | Hair By Numa

  • How To Straighten A Human Hair Wig

    Straightening a human hair wig is easy. It's about applying the right amount of heat on each row to get that amazing sleek straight look. 1.) Place...
  • How To Wash A Human Hair Wig

    As we continue to buy wigs and hairpieces, it's important to know how to care for them. Increasing its longevity will only benefit you in the long run. The longevity of our hairpieces is between 6 months up to 2 years with proper care.
  • How To Make a Wig

    How to make a wig - Making wigs is very popular, especially if you're trying to fit it to your specific wig cap size head. Buying a wig that fits your head is mostly everyone's go to but, it can happen that you have a certain kind of size that requires a more custom fit.
  • Fake Skin Frontals VS Bleached Knots. Which is Better?

    Fake skin wigs is similar to just bleaching the knots. A thin stalking material is placed on the lace itself to give the illusion of a scalp on your head. This allows people to not have to bleach the knots. You just buy the fake skin wig and you can wear it right out of the package.
  • Raw Hair VS Virgin hair. What's The Big Deal?

    The term "raw" means once the human hair has been cut from the donor(s) head, it has been untouched, unprocessed, no chemicals used. 
  • Bleaching Knots 101: How to Avoid Shedding

    Bleaching is used to help the knots on a lace front or full lace wig blend better with your scalp and help it look more natural.
  • Synthetic Hair VS Human Hair. Pros & Cons

    Synthetic and Human hair are both versatile in their own way. There are many reasons why people continue to wear synthetic wigs VS human hair wigs ...
  • Lace Front VS Full Lace Wigs. Which one is better?

    What is a lace front wig? And what is a full lace wig? Lace frontals wigs are the most popular wigs because they're affordable and used to style your hair a certain way. Full lace wigs allow you to part in any direction, front to back and considered more versatile.
  • What is a wig?

    Wigs are made from synthetic or real human hair. Synthetic wigs are used for costume design, fashion shows or for personal preference. They have a certain look and feel to them which makes them look synthetic from far. Human hair is made from someone’s real hair that was cut off from their heads and sewn on a weft.